Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Team Building

Credit: Cassidy vander Ros Make-up Design
Halloween is like the neglected middle child of team-building occasions, lodged between hockey season and Christmas. Halloween encourages creativity and collaboration with its costumes and decor, and most people are much less strapped for cash and time in October than they are in December.

Is your work place in need of a moral boost? I have some ideas below to get you started :)

Halloween Potluck
Have co-workers each bring a different spooky dish to share at lunch time! Don't forget to ask for a list of everyone's allergies and the severity of each allergy first!

Rice cripsy treats are a good choice for pleasing those with gluten, wheat / grain, and nut allergies.
If someone in your work place has a soy or gluten allergy, avoid using margarine - butter won't hurt once a year ;)
Farm On Plate is an entire blog featuring healthy, easy and allergen-concious recipes.
Against All Grain - I worship this girl's kitchen abilities. Danielle Walker's recipes are grain and wheat free, gluten free, peanut free and lactose and dairy free.
Enjoy Life Foods has a list of allergen-friendly recipes.

Costume Contest
If you're going with this option, make sure that a Halloween dress code has been circulated, as well as expectations for how "in character" staff can be in front of customers - I know a gentleman who came to work dressed in pajamas on Halloween and then spent most of the day having people take photos of him sleeping on top of different products in a warehouse...

1920s Flapper
Credit: Cassidy vander Ros Make-up Design

Pop SugarHenderson Properties and Brit + Co. have compiled lists of work-appropriate costume inspiration photos and ideas.

Alternatively, the CBC's Dragon's Den has some ideas of what not to do!

Themed Costume Ideas
This year, most of us at my work are dressing up as characters from the Batman comics. We went costume shopping together, discussed characters for each person, and on the 31st are getting together early to do each other's make-up. It's been a really fun way to spend time outside of work getting to know each other.

Marvel and DC: Choose a comic book series and have everyone dress up as a different hero or villain. Batman and the Avengers are great go-tos!

Choose a recognizable show and have everyone dress up like a different character. Mad Men and Scooby Doo seem to be the favorites for this year! If you have a smaller group of people dressing up, I Love Lucy, Peter Pan and Two Broke Girls are both easy options.

Make-up: Cassidy vander Ros Make-up Design
Photography: MyCityPhotos

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