Monday, October 19, 2015

How It Starts...

Might as well be honest. I am starting this blog purely because I have a meeting in two weeks. This meeting is with a company seeking new SEO management and online branding, a subject I have some education in, and some hands on experience. Not lots.
 Just some.

I want to use this blog for research, trial and error, and networking so I can at least go into this being able to talk about something other than how terrified and excited I am.

I have done some marketing, with mixed results. I have a make-up business outside of my full time job that has allowed me to work with happily tearful brides, bubbly and nervous fashion show models and those just looking for a kickass Halloween costume. Off and on, I have marketed myself via Facebook, Twitter, via in-person networking (aka meeting people in the street) and by sponsoring charity events and volunteering. It's flexible, creative, and social. I love it for that, but part of me just wants to wear a sexy pant suit and have a personality and work ethic that my co-workers can look up to. I want to be a corporate leader, and this is unfortunately not well supported by being a self-employed, independent artist.....

Right now I work in sales. I sell construction supplies and have done so for almost 6 years. I've had people run down the street after me yelling, "It's the Tool Girl!" Legit. And I don't even live in a small town. After 4 years of school, and 3 years of retail and operations managent, I feel like I'm outgrowing retail sales. I love what I do. But I am unbelievably excited to learn something new. I want more responsibility, and I want a job that will grow with me.

I love corporate culture. I love the community and family that workplaces create. I love learning and being able to teach those with less experience, or just different experience. I am greatful for the loyalty my clients have granted to me, and what a complement it is when people decide to stay with my services for years at a time. And I am excited that the oppprtunities I've had and the relationships I've created are now allowing me to strive for new opportunities. I also love animals and nature, and I like that marketing is dynamic enough to allow me to support and develop eco-friendly practices through my job.

Whoo. Good to get all that off my chest. Now, it's time to get started!

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