Sunday, January 3, 2016

Personal Branding, My Take Away

When I started my make-up business, long before marketing had entered my mind, I often faced the dilemma of "being me," vs. "being a professional." When I decided to start online marketing I had anxiety over this as well. By now I've decided to ditch the traditional business man steriotype I'd been brought up to follow by entrepreneur relatives and early management alike and try a branding model I feel is sustainable: being me. I am a professional, I am an animal lover, I am passionate about philanthropy on a local scale, I work 8 hrs a day at one job and 3-6 keeping my marketing brand moving forward (and sometimes I'm TIRED and give myself the leeway of sleeping in until 10 instead of doing research throughout my only day off a week). Right now I'm stressing over possibly buying my first home. I am loyal, hard working, motivated by learning opportunities, honest and responsible for myself.

I LOVE marketing. I love the success I feel when I get results. I love telling people what I do and having them proceed to tell me their own business plans and being able to explain how web marketing can improve upon that. I don't think social media community involvement like participating in #Hashtag games is going to cost me clients. I think it's okay to talk about how much I'm learning still - I don't know everything and I haven't done it all before! Every person I've told this to has still offered me a job.

The number of articles I've read lately regarding personal branding and being personable and authentic in your social media branding has been so reassuring to me. I feel so empowered by my business, because I've found a career that embraces me as much I embrace it.

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