Sunday, January 24, 2016

Valentines for the Home Office

Have a workaholic on your Valentine's shopping list? I've compiled some ideas to keep them happy in the office!

This pretty-in-purple make-up brush roll will keep the especially motivated women in your life looking prim and proper while minimizing their desk and purse clutter!

Messenger bags are perfect for students, executives or anyone else who often finds themselves working on the go. Available in more than 3 styles, these bags are sentimental and functional!

For the crazy cat lady who can't cope with clutter! This organizer is wood construction to ensure durability, and adds a touch of whimsy to the office without going overboard. Also perfect for students and make-up vanities!

This desk lamp is perfect for those working in a cramped space (like myself). Combine your work light, speakers and music player into one to save desk and wall space! It can be charged using batteries, connected to your laptop or a wall outlet. LEDs make it environmentally friendly. And apparently it's now more than 50% off! Win. Win. Win!

Workaholics can be hard to shop for - They're never around to tell you what they want! *sigh* Unfortunately for me, my boyfriend and I both fall into this category... I've always loved pocket watches as a guy-gift. What do you think? Good idea?

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