Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's a Whole Neww Woorrld!!!!

So. Many. Exciting. Changes!

1) I quit my FT job at the beginning of July to better support my growing start-up here. Within two weeks I had a new referral and hit a new social selling milestone with my client, Rainguard Roofing!

2) I officially have an office! AN OFFICE. Not just a crowded dining room table. It's magical.

3) Thanks to some new LEADS and clientele, half of my client base is now national :D And so, obviously, I can now make and accept long distance calls any time, rather than having specific time slots as before - Bring on the impromptu phone conferences!! I'm ready!

I am so thrilled and blown away by the amount of support I've been given by my clients, friends and family. Thank you!!

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