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Storytelling for Brand Activism: Interview with Kassandra for Life After Dark Photography

Part 3:
[Cont. from Part 2: Storytelling for Brand Activism: Rainguard Roofing Interview] Our third and final interview of our Storytelling series! This was such a fun way to get to know my clients' clients! It's also a truly genuine way to learn about your own brand as a company, how your clientele perceives you and where they feel they fit into your values.

Cassidy: Hello Kassandra! Thank you for joining me today. You had your shoot with Helen quite recently I believe? When was it exactly?

My indoor boudoir photo shoot with Helen started on a early Monday in late March.

Cassidy: Helen’s been doing a lot of themed shoots recently, did your shoot have a specific inspiration?

I treated my BFF to the shoot as a wedding gift. We both had talked about doing a boudoir shoot before, but we never felt confident enough to actually book the shoot. Once my BFF was planning her wedding I thought it would be a perfect wedding gift. Both bride and groom would get to enjoy it. Plus a great experience for my BFF and I to do together (Of course she had her shoot & I had mine). PLUS I will walk away with a gift for myself and husband.

Cassidy: That’s such a personal and fun idea for a girls’ day! It’s great that now you both have memories of planning her wedding together. Were you nervous leading up to your shoot?

For months prior to our shoot I would contact Helen with all sorts of questions. No matter how often I messaged her I would always get a response back putting my nerves at ease... Until my mind started running wild again then she would have to calm me down again.

Cassidy: So you found Helen played a fairly big role in your shoot starting from the time you booked it, not just on your shoot day?

She would answer all questions, listen to my suggestions, and best of all showed emotion and excitement for my shoot.

Cassidy: I love that you both had a chance to get to know each other before “baring it all!” Was there anything else you did to help yourself feel more comfortable in front of the camera?

Now the night before the shoot I spent the night at my BFF's and we pampered ourselves with foot spa and facial masks in preparation for the much anticipated boudoir shoot. All night I kept talking about how nervous I was.

Cassidy: What were you nervous about?

I am the type of girl who wears guys shorts in summer because they cover more of my legs. Also since I had my first born 5 years ago I have felt so self-conscious with my appearance that  I won't even change in front of my husband with the lights on! I couldn't believe that I was going to stand in front of a camera with a woman whom I never met face to face before in my bra and pantys! Me? Really? No, LOL but I did it! And it was the most amazingly mind blowing experience!

Cassidy: So obviously you felt better once you were in the studio - What did you find helped to calm your nerves the day off?

First off we started with getting our hair and makeup done by the wonderful makeup & hair stylist Megan. At this time we got a chance to chat and get to know each other. You start to relax and feel comfortable. Luckily for me, my BFF did her shoot before me so I had time to get comfortable and see how Helen really works. Well, as much as I could see - I took my glasses off for makeup.

Cassidy: And what was your impression of how Helen works?

Helen and Megan truly are great souls. They are down to earth and really know how to help one relax and unwind.

Cassidy: How did the rest of your shoot play out for you?

Once Megan beautified me it was my turn. I got changed into my red bra and panty set. I really had to build my courage at this point. Once I was changed all that was left was to open that bathroom door and walk out there. I WAS SO NERVOUS!!!! Finally I did it, I opened the bathroom door and walked out. I swear my face must of been beet red and I was holding my breath in fear. Helen looks at me and just starts complimenting me and boosting my confidence. From that point on it was on like Donkey Kong! I jumped in front of that camera, Helen gave me the run down, and made me look beautiful!

Cassidy: What was your favorite part of your shoot?

The way Helen directs you makes you feel like you are an actual model! It was amazing. Don't get me wrong, these were not the easiest poses to put my unfit/unhealthy body in, and wow do you ever feel it the next day. But then a couple weeks after the shoot once you get to view the photos, it's like "Wow! That crazy giraffe pose looks nothing like a giraffe and a lot more like some sort of goddess!"

Cassidy: Did you walk away with more confidence than you went in with?

I have never felt so good about my own body, and it feels pretty great to actually see your own beauty that we all seem to forget now and then.

When I got home the afternoon after my shoot, I walked into my kitchen looked at my husband and said "Holy stars I am GORGEOUS!!!" Those words did not feel natural coming from my lips but in my heart I felt a overwhelming feeling of gratitude. For the first time I feel beautiful and I owe it to Helen and Life After Dark photography.

Cassidy: I bet that was awesome for him to hear you say too! How did he react to your photos??

My husband knew I was doing the shoot but he didn't really know what to expect. He was worried that the photos weren't going to LOOK like me. When he saw the photos he was blown away! He was speechless, and couldn't keep his hands off me.. He now says it was so worth it and he is glad I took a leap and built the confidence to do this amazing shoot!

Cassidy: Would you recommend boudoir to other women, regardless of how secure or insecure they may feel about their bodies going into it?

Seriously ladies, you have to experience this confidence boosting experience at LEAST once in a lifetime. At the very least!

Cassidy: Thank you so much for sharing with me Kassandra! I’m glad it was such a positive experience for you!

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