Tilt Relations Projects

"Roundtable: Best Practices For Repair Cafes"
Coast Waste Management Association; invited expert on Accessibility
June, 2023

"Roundtable: Best Practices for Share Sheds & Free Stores"
Coast Waste Management Association; invited expert on Accessibility
May, 2023

Letter and Call To Action: Minister of National Revenue
Disability Tax Credit Is Currently Inapplicable to Invisible Disabilities
Read it: here.
2023 - present

Framework and Call To Action: Sustainability ≠ Accessibility (But Shouldn't It?)
Read about it: here.
Basic workshop outline: here.
Government and Corporate Toolkit in progress.
Collaboration and workshop opportunities: cassidy@onlinemarketingsolutions.ca
2023 - present

Development of Distribution Channels for Animal Welfare Education and Supplies in Cuba
2023 - present

Call To Action: The #AlwaysWaste Cycle of Canadian Construction
Read it: here.

Identifying Challenges, Goals and Skillset Needs Within Healthcare Justice, Disability Resource Systems, Government-Owned Insurance Organizations, and Workplace Barriers To Equal Opportunity in Canada
Collaboration opportunities: cassidy@onlinemarketingsolutions.ca
2023 - present

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