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Support Circular Building Representation on National Committees!

[Canada, April 30, 2024] — Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Code committee selections begin within a week, with circular building and relocated homes codes scheduled in the agenda for National review quickly after. The current National committees previously proposed requirements to upgrade all existing homes (yes, including the one you live in!) to current code for the sake of operational emissions, without consideration for the embodied carbon, landfill waste, manufacturing emissions or exorbitant costs created by such a requirement. There are sustainable development and consulting companies out there that claim upgrading existing homes to current new building code is easy, and that they do it all the time - These companies do not upgrade existing homes to current new building code. To do this would require changing framing and furring members, effectively deconstructing and reconstructing whole homes. Note also that Step Code in BC is based on current new building code fram

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