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Sign Now To Support Circular Reuse Within Building Code!

Sign and return the below letter to support the expedited scheduling of the Provincial bulletin that was approved for release on November 3, 2023 by the Ministry of Housing and Building and Safety Standards Branch regarding Building Code applications to relocated homes. ___________________________ Why should I support relocated homes? Relocating an average 2000 sq.ft. home preserves 65 to 80 tonnes of embodied carbon, saves roughly 120 trees and up to 60 tonnes of waste from local landfills, and creates affordable housing at approx. $100 - $120 per sq.ft. What is the bulletin stating? The bulletin is a reiteration and confirmation of the current Building Code recommendations for relocated homes. No changes to the Building Code are suggested, requested or addressed within this bulletin. It aims only to clarify current regulations already in force. Why is this bulletin necessary? Currently, there is much confusion within Regional and Municipal building departments regarding how to proper

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