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"New West Heritage Home Ventures Beyond Demolition"

Global News, 2023

Press release: here.

"Moving House? Why Not Actually Move Your House?"

The Tyee, 2021

Read it: here.

International Releases (Germany), 2021.

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"Want A Free Heritage Home? You'll Just Need Some Land And $100k To Move It"

CBC News, 2020

Read it: here.

"This Mansion In Everett Is Looking For A Home"

Live In Everett, 2020

Read it: here.

"Need to Relocate? Bring the House, Too"

Wall Street Journal, 2019

Read it: here.

"Recycling An Older Vancouver House Is Fine, But Few Think To Move It - All Of It"

Globe and Mail, 2019

Read it: here.

House Beautiful

Times Colonist, 2019

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"Costly Demolitions Put Buildings On The Road To New Homes"

Journal of Commerce, 2019

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"Half Price Home? Family Opts To Move House By Sea Rather Than Build Anew"

CTV News, 2019

Read it: here.

"Projects Thriving Far and Wide"

Heavy Lift and Project Forwarding International, 2019

Read it: here.

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