Sign Now To Support Circular Reuse Within Building Code!

Sign and return the below letter to to support the expedited scheduling of the Provincial bulletin that was approved for release on November 3, 2023 by the Ministry of Housing and Building and Safety Standards Branch regarding Building Code applications to relocated homes.


Why should I support relocated homes?

Relocating an average 2000 sq.ft. home preserves 65 to 80 tonnes of embodied carbon, saves roughly 120 trees and up to 60 tonnes of waste from local landfills, and creates affordable housing at approx. $100 - $120 per sq.ft.

What is the bulletin stating?

The bulletin is a reiteration and confirmation of the current Building Code recommendations for relocated homes.

Why is this bulletin necessary?

Currently, there is much confusion within Regional and Municipal building departments regarding how to properly apply the Building Code to relocated buildings. This causes delays in permitting which require excess resources, time and money by Municipalities, developers and residents. In some cases, residents have been left homeless due to not being able to receive a Building or Occupancy permit due to ambiguity in the Code.

Does this bulletin align with both Provincial and Federal recommendations?

Yes, this bulletin has received written approval from both Provincial and Federal teams.

As a Provincial bulletin, how does this support Federal objectives?

Federal Code Change Request 2102 was submitted in the Summer of 2023, and requests that the application to relocated homes be included in the body of the Building Code rather than in supporting documents. One of the things considered in the Federal CCR process is support at local and Provincial levels. As the BC Building Code reiterates the National Building Code word-for-word regarding relocated homes, support for this Provincial bulletin will act as proof-of-need for Federal clarity as well.

Has this application changed due to the Step Code being adopted within the BCBC?

No, it is not recommended to apply the Step Code to existing buildings, including those being relocated, under current Building Code standards.


Download the letter: here. After you have signed, please attach it to a reply to this email for submission to the Province. If you are authorized to represent a business or organization, please place the letter on your letterhead.

Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration in increasing circular economy initiatives in BC and Canada!

Need a different file format? Email me at with a file type request and I’ll get it to you ASAP!


View the draft bulletin which was utilized throughout the approval process: here.

Read CCR 2102: here.

View signed and submitted letters: here.

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